The creative’s quandary – to lie or not to lie

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“Genius … a great read!” ~ The Guardian, 2019 Once upon a time, when the spotlight shone on some corporate titan accused of treachery, I too would get angry and indignant. For example, this summer I read with disdain – and more than a hint of schadenfreude – as the Green Monster was unceremoniously paddled,Read more

Pathetic little fat man, no one’s bloody laughing

In 2006, David Bowie sits at a piano and rips Extras sellout Andy Millman to shreds. Bowie had three minutes of the episode’s 30, and he utterly stole the show. Such were his dimensions of sound and vision, the last week has seen wall to wall analysis of Bowie the musician, the oracle, the trend-setter, the artist,Read more

Could you love a copywriter?

It was the millennium. Elvis was still dead, I was still handsome, and the humungous, throbbing clock-problem the prophets foretold was no more than flaccid hyperbollocks. It was a good time to be a writer. Accessible news, community, niche and culture journalism was picking up online. Print media still had budget, and spendhappy brands –Read more

I can’t be bothered

Published in NACUE, November 2015 I met a girl recently. I was with her for a matter of seconds – and she changed my life with a look, and these four words. Unfortunately this ain’t no love story – she rejected me. But we’ll get to that. Failed or otherwise, I’d prefer to tell youRead more

… if only they’d stop dribbling

Dear Sir/ Madam, The Height of Boredom would be a good title for this email. I write it half in jest, half in sincerity and half because I’m in the mood to write a three-halved letter. I’ve never written a letter with three halves before. I’ve actually only written a letter with complainy themes onceRead more

Teach enterprise – it’s why we give kids violins

A staggering 90% of Europe’s teachers wish to receive more training in entrepreneurial learning tools and methods so they can educate young learners in enterprise and innovation. It’s time to amp things up. According to the European Commission, more than 99% of all European businesses are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). In turn, these SMEsRead more

And he OSCAR for hypocrisy goes to …

February is a funny old month, what with cupid coming and going. And that’s before the freezing winds, howling gales and unexplained celestial pancakes: we Brits might struggle with February, but in Tinseltown they truly can’t wait ’till it’s over. When nominations for the 88th Annual Academy Awards were announced last month, organisers’ galactic balls-up lookedRead more

Defeat your Tyler Durden

Outside Lou’s Tavern, a man called Tyler Durden asks: “How much can you know about yourself if you’ve never been in a fight?” His answer, my answer, the answer – not much. You cannot know much about yourself if you’ve never been in a fight. You cannot know much about life if you’ve never beenRead more

Icelandic start-up success against the odds

Published (with bad edits) on Computer Of the 10 gongs handed out at May’s Nordic Startup Awards, four went to the Danes; three to the Norwegians; two to the Swedes; one to event hosts Finland – and a solitary award went to Iceland: Startup Reykjavik was named the region’s best accelerator. To many, ‘Nordic’Read more

Start-up awards highlight next Nordic wave

Published (complete with bad edits) on Computer Start-up businesses and individual talent were recognised at the final of the Nordic Startup Awards (NSAs) last week, with new educational and social technologies our picks of the prizewinners. The NSAs took a month to find national winners across ten categories from each of the five NordicRead more